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Bathroom is one of the major areas of our home, subconsciously we spend around an hour in our own bathroom. Apart from that it is human tendency to judge a person by their bathroom look and cleanliness, which is a major reason we focus equally on our bathroom design and look as we do for any other area of the home. So for the same purpose we give our best to have the best design for our bathroom. With Tilebathkitchen, your worries tend to minimize as you can buy best bathroom furnishing products online as per your requirement and budget.

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We, at Tilebathkitchen offer you with a wide range of bathroom furnishing products which are of latest designs and high in quality. Our range includes bathroom showers, bathtubs, bathroom taps, bathroom faucets, wash basin with closets, hand showers and sanitaryware products. Our products are by the leading global manufacturers, to serve your desires.

Various Types of Bathroom Furnishings & Fittings

Bathtub: Bathtubs are one of the prime requirements for modern day bathrooms. Bathtubs are basically ceramic tubs ranging from 150 cms to 180 cms used for a relaxing bathing experience.

Bathroom Tap & Faucet: Bathroom fittings such as taps and faucets are the most basic bathroom fittings that is used in any bathroom. Basically used for water supply.

Shower: Bathroom shower or shower head is a common and basic bathroom requirement. Showers are used and can be placed above the bathtub or at the common area of the bathroom.

Wash basin: Wash basin is a common washing area for minor washing needs such hand wash, brushing of teeth, etc. Wash basin is made of ceramic, due to its water resistivity and easy drying of surface.

Hand shower: Hand shower commonly known as jet shower is also a common used bathroom fitting. The advantage of hand showers is that it flexible and movable as per your need.

Water Closets & Commodes: Water closets and commodes are one of those sanitary ware fittings that is preferred to the most classiest of all the fittings apart from the bathtubs.

Benefits of Buying Bathroom Furnishing Products Online

Bathroom furnishing products are one of the major areas where we think and plan a lot while we plan our dream home, so we tend to choose each tap, faucet and shower by ourselves. What if we get the same products of our choice available online, it would certainly save our time and money. On Tilebathkitchen, you get world class bathroom furnishing products and sanitaryware by leading global manufacturers. Along with that you get the opportunity to explore and choose from an endless collection of bathroom furnishing products at reasonable prices.

Bathroom Furnishing Brands Associated With Us

Some of the leading global brands such as Jaaz, Exor, Madonna, Ambani & many more are associated with us and have been providing the best in class bathroom furnishing products.

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The products on our platform are 100% genuine. We ensure authenticity, safety and security for products and products delivery for our customer satisfaction. We too have best offers for our customers at time intervals that enables them the best buy.

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