Each home is as unique as the people who stay in it. With the kind of diversity we have in India, it is no wonder that we cannot have a ‘one layout fits all’ kind of approach when it comes to designing the space division of modular kitchens. While some people live in lavish row houses, just opposite from them others live in high-rise studio apartments. While some houses have small kitchen gardens and utility rooms, others have modest balcony gardens. 

However, to simplify kitchen layouting for the Indian consumer, we have seen 6 broad layouts that more than 90% of kitchens would fit in. 

  • The Gallery Kitchen

This kitchen layout consists of 2 parallel platforms and a walkway in between them. The galley kitchen is also called the walkway kitchen. The main advantage of this kitchen layout is that it uses space well and that there are no complicated corner cabinets to figure out. 

  • The L-Shaped Kitchen 

This kitchen layout consists of 2 adjoining platforms that are on walls that are perpendicular to each other, thereby forming an ‘L’ shape. The L shaped kitchen is best suited for optimally using corner spaces. It is versatile in design and can be as long or short as the walls next to it allow. The best part of this layout is that it is open for multiple people to be around unlike the gallery kitchen. 

  • The Horse-Shoe Kitchen

The horse-shoe or the U shaped kitchen layout consists of 3 walls of cabinets or appliances. This kitchen is ideal for homes that have a dedicated room for the kitchen itself. It adequately uses all the corners and allows for 2 or more people to work simultaneously. 

  • The Island Kitchen

The island kitchen layout is my personal favourite. All the modern cooking shows that we see on TV have this kind of a layout. This layout consists of an island - an unconnected unit, either in the centre or side of the kitchen. This island can be used as a cooktop, as an extra platform under which appliances are fit or as a surface on the sides of which you place barstools and have friends sit and chat while you cook. 

  • The Peninsula Kitchen 

The peninsular kitchen layout consists of a connected island kind of design. The peninsula kitchen is ideal for people who have 'open' kitchens where the hall and kitchen are connected. The peninsula gives a division to the kitchen and also allows for people to sit around it and chat while cooking.

  • The One Wall Kitchen: 

Compact, convenient and the answer to today’s fast-paced urban lifestyle - the one wall kitchen is a layout that consists of a single platform with storage under and above it. The sink is also incorporated into that one wall. Ideal for 1 cook homes and for studio apartments, this kitchen can be designed in an interesting and chic way wherein the kitchen can have its own separate identity with Portuguese tiles, rich appliances and teakwood cabinets. 

So, which kitchen layout is your favourite and which kitchen layout would be one that would definitely be part of your dream home? 

Write to us to know more about modular kitchen designs and layouts or simply to sound off some ideas! 

Happy Home-making!