The contemporary design trends are modern and offer a drastic change over their predecessors. But it is also influenced by some of their best features. But applying this trend without hampering the functionality of your living room is no walk in the park. But no worries. We are here to help. Here's our brief guide to contemporary living rooms.

Keep it simple

Simplicity is one of the biggest features of contemporary design. Don't try to fill the room with tons of furniture. Go for comfy chairs and sofas that are not too extravagant. Make sure they are edgy and trendy. Even going minimalist is an excellent choice if you want a truly contemporary living room.

Maintain the theme

Open floor plans are pretty common in most apartments and houses right now. That means the kitchen, dining area and the living room are all part of a huge floor and aren't completely segregated by walls and doors. In such a setting, it is necessary that the overall balance of the theme is maintained throughout. Yes, your kitchen and living room design should be different but there should be a connection also.

It doesn't have to be huge

Often people imagine that to get the fresh and airy look of contemporary living rooms to demand huge floor area. But it's not true. With meticulous planning and clever design, you can turn even the smallest places look fresh and lively. Choose your theme wisely, drive the attention towards the floor by using attractive tiles and use light colours on your walls and that'll completely revamp the look of your living room. If possible, install large or even full-height windows to let the maximum amount of natural light flow in your room.

There are plenty of other small tweaks you can do to switch to a contemporary look. What tweaks did you make in your room? Don't forget to let us know.