Tiles are a versatile element. Not only just for floors, but it can also easily be used for walls nowadays. It creates a feature to your room, gives it a contemporary design. In fact, nowadays designers are increasingly using ceramic and horrified for living rooms to create a modern and spacious living room.

Creating A Feature

For making your walls come to life, you can incorporate wall tiles to them. Using them, along with lights can easily create a feature. A prominent wall is all you need in this case. Using beautiful wall tiles can create a feature to your room.

Using faux-wood wall Tiles

Wood tiles make your room warm and lovely. Tiles with the wood effect give your room a formidable look and make your time in the living room really comfortable and satisfying.

A Cosy Impression

Tiles should be selected in such a way that it gives a cozy impression. We use living rooms to get all cozy and comfy and the best way is in choosing these type of tiles. Tiles of Venetian range gives a modern and sleek look. Using Relief tiles make your room look modern and contemporary.

Tiles with Modern Design

If you are looking for a minimalist look, go for Titanium concrete effect tiles. It gives your room a basic contemporary design. Titanium concrete effect tiles are modern porcelain tiles with lots of textures and design.

Tiles that add pattern

There are certain tiles like Bordeaux Lille tiles that helps your room make a statement using pattern. These are both modern, cool and bewitchingly wonderful.

Tiles that are mostly used in living rooms are either porcelain, ceramic or vitrified whereas, using ceramic tiles are a brilliant option especially because they are cheap and comes in various textures. While using tiles you must look into which one fits your room.