Natural light is vital

Natural light is perhaps the most important factor of a minimal design. In a minimal home, it is the factor that gives the room its signature freshness and looks. Get rid of those dark, thick curtains and either go for the semi-transparent white curtains or ditch it altogether.

Bring in nature

It's always a great idea to have a plant in a bedroom. And in minimal home, it also adds a splash of colour. But make sure it's well-placed. It should be well clear of any wall hangings that you may have and if it's placed over furniture, make sure it blends well with it. A bouquet of flowers is also a more colourful choice but make sure the vase is in line with your overall neutralization idea.

Keep the number of furniture to the minimum

As we have discussed previously, it's important to keep the number of furniture to a minimum. Go for a single dresser with multiple compartments. Try to place it as far as possible from your bed. Keep the space around your bed free.

Wall shelves are a good idea but go for it only if you need to keep some mementoes in your sight. If you opt to have them, make sure they are neatly organized and clutter-free. 

You can go for a hint of colours in your furniture. They can even be a bit bold if you're looking to get the splash colour effect. But just like everything else, do not overuse.

A minimal bedroom looks absolutely stunning and also contributes to your overall wellness. What else did you do in your minimal bedroom? Let us know by commenting below