Indian ceramic tiles industry is likely to see a major hike in terms of profits and market outlook

The report titled “India Tile Market By sort (Wall, Floor, and Roof), By Region (North, South, East and West), By Material (Ceramic, Glazed  and Other) and By Organized and Unorganized – Outlook to 2022” provides a comprehensive analysis of the wall, floor and roof tiles market in India. The report covers market size, market segmentation supported the kind of tile, material used, market structure, regional sales and by new-order and replacement demand. The report covers picture of India’s stone tile market, ceramic market and wooden floors market on client preference area wise of bathroom tiles, wall tiles, office tiles, tiles utilized in searching malls, airports/ stations/ hospitals etc. The report also covers government laws within the market, competitive landscape and company profiles for major players within the wall and floor tiles market. The report provides careful summary on future outlook & projections with analyst recommendations for the trade.

The report facilitates the reader with the identification and in-depth analysis of the prevailing and future trends, problems and challenges currently within the trade and anticipated growth within the future relying upon dynamical trade statistics in upcoming years. The report is beneficial for tile manufacturers, building contractors, architects, and different stakeholders to align their market centrical ways in keeping with current and expected trends in the future.

Industry summary

India tiles market grew at a 5 year CAGR throughout amount FY’2012-2017. The revenue of the trade has shown a rise within the FY’2012 to FY’2017. The key customers within the section enclosed high finish residential construction, aviation, education and hospitality. With the passage of time and development in technology currently, tiles are created for a particular purpose to be used on walls, roofs, floors, outdoor, bathroom, residential rooms, industrial or retail areas of public infrastructure.

Market Segmentation

By form of Tile:

Floor tile represent a serious market share on account of larger space handiness for application. Most of the fresh created homes and industrial complexes are victimisation tiles for flooring because of simple installation and simple handiness in form that supports the need of individual product. The share of wall tiles is low generating revenue on account of availability of substitutes such as wallpapers and paints.

By form of Material:

Revenue share from glazed tiles accounted for the market share by worth. These tiles have higher resistance to breakage as they're less brittle compared to ceramic tiles. This ensures higher sturdiness over a extended period while not being subjected to breakage so minimizing repair cost. Revenue share from ceramic tiles accounted for the market share by worth. The lower share in worth terms is in account of being less costly.

By Organized/ Unorganized Segment:

Revenue share for unorganized players accounted for the market share by worth. The value of difference created by the unorganized players attracts price sensitive customers providing a better revenue share by providing merchandise at a lower value. Revenue share for organized players accounted for the market share by worth. they provide merchandise at a better value so have lower revenue shares as they fail to draw in customers that are cost sensitive.

By Region:

The Western region has the best share within the tile trade with market on basis of revenue in FY’2017. High demand was on account of the region being is very industrial, with an outsized urban population. The southern region had the second highest share of India tile market on account of a rise in urbanization in states together with Chennai, Kerala etc., that modify the expansion of tiles market within the region. The northern region comprising of states like city and geographic area are an awfully saturated market that includes a lower share within the Indian tiles market as compared to the southern and the western region. The share of the Japanese within the tile trade was rock bottom as compared to the northern, southern and western region on account of less urbanization within the region because of low infrastructural and industrial growth.

Export Import state of affairs

Total exports of ceramic tiles exaggerated by over eight times from FY’2012 to FY’2017 registering a profitable 5 year CAGR within the amount. Exports of glazed tiles exaggerated by over twenty times within the amount FY’2012-2017. Geographical region countries were the foremost export destinations for tiles made in India. Imports of each glazed and ceramic tiles have shown random demand in terms important and are dependent to an outsized extent on the customs and rules concerning import. China was the foremost import destination for India where majority of the demand of tile particularly those of low cost was met.

Competitive Landscape

India wall and floor tiles market area unit fragmented in nature on account of the presence of range of small, medium and huge corporations in India. The merchandise offered by the foremost players embody tiles made of a spread of materials together with ceramic, vitrified, vinyl, porcelain, glazed, unglazed etc. Moreover, the foremost players within the India’s wall and floor tile market give polished services to their customers so as to boost their network and annual capital in the country. The unorganised sector has its major hub in Morbi, Gujarat.

Future Potential of India’s Wall and Floor Tile Market

By Revenue:

The Indian wall and floor tile market had witnessed a positive rate past 5 years and also the market is anticipated to grow throughout the forecast amount, FY’2018-2022. Demand for floor tiles is anticipated to register constant increase and will account for the whole tile sales in FY’2022 generating revenue. Glazed tiles are principally utilized in flooring purpose and are of higher quality compared to ceramic tiles. It's expected to get higher revenue by FY’2022.