Educate yourself about ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles in depth

Walk into any tile store recently and you’ll be confronted with an enormous array of choices, not solely in styles however conjointly in materials. Even with numerous decisions, two of the foremost standard varieties are porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles. Before you head to shop, it’s an honest plan to grasp every material and also the pros and cons of selecting porcelain vs ceramic tile for your home design project.

According to, ceramic tile use goes back centuries to once clay tiles were used as roofing materials. Though the word “ceramic” comes from the Greek ‘keramos’, which implies pottery. This is often a result of ceramics are dismissed to their arduous state during an oven.

Porcelain is additionally a kind of ceramic, however, it's a lot of tougher as a result of it's dismissed to the next temperature, that causes vitrification. This is often the method by that the material develops its waterproof properties. Each form of materials will be found in historic buildings stretching back centuries.

The basic properties of porcelain vs. ceramic tile confirm wherever you'll use the materials as a result not all tiles are acceptable for all areas of a space. Some tiles are nice for the bathroom floor, however, those that you simply selected for the wall may not be safe and sturdy for the room floor. Once viewing tiles, you'll notice that they need variety referred to as a Pei rating. Most porcelain tiles are evaluated associated rated with an abrasion text from the Porcelain Enamel Institute. The Pei scale helps customers decide the proper reasonably tile for the proper space of the house. the size runs from zero to five – the softest to the toughest.

Benefits of Ceramic Tile

Costs less:

Overall, ceramic tile prices are less than porcelain by 60-70%. The exception is after you get to the upper finish of the ceramic worth vary, wherever there's less of a value distinction for porcelain vs ceramic tile. At the budget finish of the spectrum, the worth distinction is way larger. the common price for materials and installation of ceramic tiles ranges from 25 INR to 80 INR for basic designs. Costs might be high if you're viewing high-end or technologically advanced styles.

Easier to cut:

Because ceramic tile isn't as dense, it’s easier to cut. This could be particularly necessary if the tile may be a DIY project. House owners will use a snap cutter or a wet tile saw for the duty while not a lot of a haul

Water Resistant:

Glazed ceramic tiles are coated by a layer that protects the surface, creating the stain and water resistant. they're appropriate for bathroom and kitchen wherever wetness will be high.

Multitude of designs:

Modern technology has greatly expanded the designs and styles of ceramic tile that are offered on the market these days. Totally different shapes, patterns, prints and textures open the door to expressing your vogue as never before. Techniques that build ceramic appear as stone, marble or wood are some of the choices you've got.

Easy Maintenance:

Caring for ceramic tiles is simple, easy. Spills and dirt will merely be mopped or wiped up. Often vacuuming and sweeping can facilitate maintain tiles and preserve the end.

Really sturdy:

Even though they're usually rated softer than porcelain, ceramic tiles are still very sturdy. They're free from troublesome to crack inadvertently. Correct installation and regular maintenance will yield a few years of beauty and sturdiness.


Because the surface of ceramic tiles is allergen-proof, they're a good selection for minimizing allergens like spore or dirt. While no place to lodge themselves, these particles are simply washed or wiped away with regular cleanup.

Benefits of Porcelain Tile

More sturdy:

The same method that produces porcelain denser and fewer porous than ceramic conjointly makes the material much more sturdy than ceramic tiles. Porcelain is solid and also the same throughout the complete thickness of the tile, whereas the end of a ceramic tile is merely on the surface of the tile. Chips in porcelain tile don't seem to be usually noticeable as a result of the colour and composition are similar throughout the material. While a ceramic tile, a chip is going to be additionally noticeable as a result of the colour within is totally different. porcelain tile truly finishes up tougher than granite. Hence, properly installed porcelain tiles will last decades.

Water and Stain Resistant:

Because porcelain tile is denser, it's conjointly additional proof against liquids. Sometimes, a melted glass glaze is applied to create the surface whole allergen-proof to water. The power of porcelain to stay wetness out conjointly means it's nearly not possible for it to become stained. Porcelain tile contains a water absorption rate of 5% or less. This is often tested by boiling the tile for 5 hours and kept in water for 24 hours.

Hassle free Maintenance:

Porcelain tile is simple to scrub as a result of spills are merely wiped up and cleanup needs solely water and a gentle detergent to clean the surface. As sturdy as they're, uncommon things will happen and a tile will be broken. If so, the repair is simple as a result of all you've got to try and do is replace the broken tile. This is often why installers usually leave the additional tile items for the homeowner.