You love to spend a hell lot of time in our bathroom. It's the majority's favourite spot in the house. So why not turn your bathroom to some storage option for your things with these clever hacks. These hacks are all DIY and are worth your reading time.

So, here it goes:

Go for Stackable Shelves

You can store your things between the bathroom counter and shower. You can have your own shelves placed near the kitchen mirror or even at the back of it. Investing in such stuff will store help you get more space at your bathroom. These adjustable shelves will work just fine for your bathroom just as they do for your living room!

Use Door Racks

You might not have thought of it before but having shelves or storage spaces at the back of your door can save up to a lot of space and is best for keeping things at the bathroom that might have been cluttering your bedroom or living room. You can even keep magazines in those racks that can help you spend time in your bathroom more effectively.

Add hooks to your Counter

Curious about saving space in your bathroom? Surely, you can't have furniture to keep clothes in your bathroom. Why not try getting hooks to your sink or the back of your shelf to increase the storage space. These small storage options can prove to be highly beneficial for your bathroom.

Top of Toilet Storage

You can make your bathroom more organized by making the top of your toilet a spot for designing. From keeping the stash if toilet paper to plants for a beautiful and designed bathroom, you must not forget about this potentially brilliant storage ideas.

Utilizing the Corner Shelves

If you are running low on wall space to have a shelf then utilize the corners by incorporating corner shelves. Make use of every inch of it. Keep anything you can from plants to your face wash, body products, and everything. You might even look for having extra baskets and use them as shelves and go for drawer organizers but your main aim should be at maximizing every inch of the space that is left available for you.