Fascinate your kitchen with painted kitchen cabinets and let the room mesmerize your food and home

We love our kitchens. we tend to spend a lot of time on them, making meals and reminiscences with people who we tend to love. Therefore it solely is smart that, just like the food we tend to cook in them, our kitchens need to be a mirrored image of creative thinking and happiness.

It’s no secret that a room renovation will be a challenging and expensive task. If your kitchen cupboards are in good condition, painting them is a reasonable, eco-friendly to offer your kitchen a significant facelift. Below are some painted kitchen cabinet ideas to inspire you.

If you’re about to be doing the painting yourself, you’ll require time to analysis the proper paints and methodology for painting.

When painting your kitchen cabinets, the options are limitless. You'll brighten up the house with a coat of white, or blast the space with a spirited colour like cobalt. You can additionally mix colours for a classy, dual-tone look in your room.

Painted kitchen cabinet ideas

Neutral Hues

Whites, beiges and lightweight earth tones work nice in most kitchens and with virtually any wall colour or wallpaper, creating them the highest alternative for those wanting to repaint their kitchen cabinets.


To achieve this look, paint your upper cupboards a unique colour than your lower cupboards. Whereas there are uncountable colour combos, a lot of people embody black on bottom and white on upper, or daring colours on the bottom and neutral on upper. You may add distinction colours between wall cupboards and island cupboards.

Bold colours

Energize your room by painting your cupboards a bright colour, like emerald, cobalt or golden yellow. Be attentive to however it'll coordinate with the wall colour and fixtures in your room, along with the rest of your home. With spirited cupboards, you’ll need to stay to light and neutral wall colours to stay your house from turning into too dark or busy.

Subtle Pastels

Pastel-coloured kitchens are trending as how to make a pop of colour and interest while not creating a room’s aesthetic too serious or dark. Particularly standard pastel decisions embody pale shades of blue and green.

Open Shelving

Using open shelving rather than higher cupboards will be an excellent decision to add a dual-tone look to your room. This additionally makes it simple to alter up the colour, as you'll merely repaint the wall behind the shelves rather than the cupboards. It’s additionally an excellent area to showcase your favourite ware.

We hope these painted kitchen cabinet ideas have impressed you. Which is your favourite? Allow us to recognize in the comments below!