Choose ethnic tiles for your home, that depicts your connection with the ethnicity

Ethnicity speaks about the traditions and culture we have grown up. So we are fond of ethnic designs for almost everything starting from clothes to even home designs. The latest trends of tiles design have witnessed a huge demand for ethnic design tiles. The ethnic design tiles give an imperial look to the area where it is installed irrespective of the area being the walls or the floor.

If we notice the old monuments and buildings they have the ethnic designs that are encrypted on them. The designs are either inscribed on marble or porcelain surface. These were nothing but large sized single piece tiles which had designs on them. We too have been inspired or our major part of the inspiration for such designs have been inherited from such designs on old monuments.

Nowadays it’s difficult to find such tiles with inscription them but we tend to get easily those designs digitally printed on our prefer tiles. Digitally printed tiles have made it a lot easy for us to acquire such designs on tiles. Segregating the ethnic design tiles as per the area of application, they are categorized into floor tiles and wall tiles. Both the tiles inhibit a different design as the wall tiles might have designs that are directly or indirectly related to religious structures or figures, which is not acceptable to be placed on the floor. Whereas floor tiles have designs that are more of contemporary and ethnic designs.

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