Configure your small area dining room with the best designs

It is said and believed that “the family that eats together, stays together”, which refers in a way that our whole family meets at the dining table every day. After a long day at work, the whole family meets at the dining table to meet, greet, share food and experiences. So, the dining room has always been close to our heart, from almost all the other areas of our home, which makes us look forward to having a perfect dining room that fits our whole family along with that, it should be well efficient to entertain the guest, while hosting a get together at our home.

But, as we look into the modern Indian homes, the spaces are getting smaller each day, especially in the metro and cosmopolitan cities. There we are accustomed to an area which either shares our living room with the dining room or the kitchen with the dining room. So we need to plan accordingly, as utilising a small space to its fullest is a challenge altogether. Here are some ways we can design our small dining rooms for maximum functionality:

Opt for a roundtable:

Roundtables do not use much of space, unlike rectangular ones, along with keeping the members close to each other. A good option for a close and cozy dinner along with saving much of your space.

Flip it out smart:

Instead of choosing the whole furniture, go smart with flip off furniture. Flip out furniture are the best option for a small dining room, where you can flip off or fold off the furniture and keep while not in use. One of such is using a foldable dining table, that serves as a table while having food and can be folded to become the cabinet door while the table is not in use.

Use the walls efficiently:

You can always use the walls for hanging off the folding chairs and stuff. This saves off a lot of space in your dining area.

Swap cabinets with shelves:

Cabinets acquire a lot of space as compared to shelves, but shelves take up a lot of space as well and the area getting used inefficiently. But, floating shelves can be way more useful as they can be customised as per the need and available area.

Combine shelves with seats:

You can opt for a built-in seating area along with your shelves, which both of your purposes. The shelves help you display your collections and seating area which looks similar to a bench can serve as a seating area. The seating area can be used on regular basis as well as a seating area during a buffet system while you have guests at home.

Spend some of the budgets into a mirror:

The mirror placed exactly on the opposite wall of the dining area makes a great difference. The mirror image of the area makes the dining room look bigger than the actual size. The illusion plays a good role in making a small space dining room look big.

Invest in matching dinnerware:

Shelves used of storing and displaying your dinnerware are very useful. But the arrangement part takes the toll. You need to place the dinnerware sets appropriately according to their set structure. So choosing matching dinnerware helps in the arrangement, as you don’t have to stress much on the decoration part.

Convert a small area into a booth:

Pick up a small area of your home, which can serve a comfortable seating area. You can convert such area into a booth with placing two benches like seating area on either side of the dining table with the table kept in the centre. This somehow utilizes you left out area efficiently.

A small dining room can be utilized in a lot many ways to acquire our needed result. Choosing the best design applicable to our area can serve our purpose clear and efficient. In case you are constrained of a budget, the above designs ideas can save a lot of your budget. For a no constraint or flexible budget, you can explore many more design ideas from to suit yourself.