Avoid slipping off at high water flow areas with anti skid tiles

Floors are the most accessible area of our home. We all use it throughout the day, subconsciously. Apart from the look and feel of the floors, we have in the safety as well while choosing the right tiles or flooring. Tiles are best known for their resistance to stains, water and dust. The resistivity of water makes it slippery, especially glazed tiles. But there are tiles that are better known for its anti-slipping features. Such tiles prevent one from slipping off due to the water resistivity. Despite being resistant to water, anti-skid tiles doesn’t let anyone lose the grip of the foot over the floor.

Using anti-skid tiles have some benefits such as:

Less accident prone:

Anti-skid tiles help you at the areas which are prone to slippery due to water. Such areas get their accident ratios lowered as slippery areas are prone to accidents. Keeping in mind, modern homes have elderly people as well, who might not be able to resist the sudden jerk caused by slipping off. Thus, they are open to minor, major as well fatal injuries due to falling off the wet floor.

Easy to install:

Anti-skid tiles are equally easy to install like any other tiles. They do not require a different formula or any extra effort behind them to install. The installation process followed for anti-skid tiles is same as other tiles.

Easy on maintenance:

Anti-skid tiles are easy for maintenance, even though they need a little attention for their maintenance but that is comparatively very low than other flooring materials. Anti-skid tiles do wear out after a long time but not as early as mosaic or concrete or any other flooring materials that lose their charm and wear out soon.


Durability is the major factor and benefit for installing tiles. Anti-skid tiles are basically made of natural stones or unglazed ceramic tiles, so they last for minimum a decade without taking a scratch on them.

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