As we all know that any kind of smokes or smoking is deadly and injurious to health even if it is outside or inside our home, let it be from cigarettes or burning any other household items. And in today's daily life people have made a bad habit of smoking inside their home but without considering and keeping in mind the dangerous and deadly effects smoking has on us and the loved ones around us especially children. Smoke inside our home can have many deadly effects & diseases and also can stay in a room for longer times after someone has already smoked there. So, here we are with the tips to make your home smoke free. Follow us to read more.

After smoking has been done inside the home, the air with smoke particles settles on surfaces and around the rooms and throughout the home. This smoke can be ingested by the family members and making them sick due to air infection, ear infection, bronchitis, pneumonia, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). The smoke can be inhaled by children or any other family member or ingested through getting in contact with contaminated smoke particles or putting contaminated items in their mouths.

So here are some tips to have a smoke free home and a healthy environment around and inside home:

  • Keep a good habit of never smoking inside your home nor let anyone else do it.
  • Keep in mind not to burn any type of item nearby or inside the house which can let many kinds of gases form in the air and have deadly diseases.
  • Even when it's night or the temperature is cold outside, smoking inside in the home or in a closed room even once can contaminate the air around us, So don't smoke inside the home.
  • Keep a separate and isolated area outside of your home for smoking and do the same for any guests or visitors too.
  • Don’t keep or buy any kind of smoke item inside the house. If you are a smoker then make a habit of smoking only outside the house.
  • Stick "No Smoking" notes around the house for anyone or any guests to know that it is a smoke-free home.
  • Keep snacks or anything light to eat nearby you if you feel like smoking so that you will be smoking less and keeping the surroundings nearby you safer and healthy.

 Therefore I would like to say that stay safe and keep your loved ones safe. And have a habit of not smoking or burning any item inside your home.