The kitchen is where you spend time cooking food and as everyone knows, it might as well be a very lengthy process but what if we tell you, you can easily use this to save off your time

Making good food in your kitchen not only requires your effort and love but also it does take up a lot of time. You might also find yourself doing a lot of walking from here to there. All your stretching exercises come to work when you move from one part to another to get what you want, twisting, bending and doing all you can. But the harsh reality about your kitchen is that you don't have an ergonomic kitchen. Since you have to spend quite a lot of time getting one thing to another while cooking food kitchen ergonomics is of particular importance.

Kitchen Triangle

The kitchen triangle is nothing but an imaginary shape created by the position of food preparation, cooking, and cleaning. It is said that the length should not be more than 19ft.  as too much distance between these portions of the kitchen will cause you to waste too much energy and effort and will also make your process of cooking too much time-consuming.

Storage Area

Having a storage area where you can keep all your food like the refrigerator and that's why keeping a counter surface next to your refrigerator helps you keep food and thus take them without you have to open the refrigerator door again and again. This saves a lot of time without your knowledge and makes cooking look effortless.

Having An Effective Food Preparation Zone

All the items that are required for preparing your food should be kept in the food preparation zone. It is where you should keep your cooking items like utensils, chopping blocks, oils and spices in an organized manner so that you don't have to move around every time from one part to other while cooking food.

Cleaning Zone

Keep your cleaning zone of the kitchen near the food storage zone. This is because you need to wash the vegetables and it will be very much ideal to have them close to each other. Moreover, keep all the cleaning supplies near this zone like dishwasher, basin, etc.

Know Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is totally your and nobody knows it better than you. Figure out all the time-consuming tasks and make efforts to keep them near each other so that you can save off time.

Kitchen ergonomics is the study where you can design your kitchen so that it requires very fewer efforts while cooking food.