Educate yourself about the difference between kitchen and bathroom tiles

The usage of tiles has been popular for decades in the bathroom and kitchen. These two areas of our home were always adorned with tiles before it started taking its place in every room of the house. There are times when we mistake the tiles for the right place and tend to use it at the wrong place. Tiles have been popular and widely used in both areas for their functionality and benefits. Both kitchen and bathroom have tiles for somewhat same yet diverse reasons.

Hence the choice of the right tiles for each of these rooms is bit challenging and requires planning along with keen eyes for detailing. Let’s know each kind in detail.

Talking about a kitchen, it is an area which is most prone to stains and spills, due to the kind of work done in that area. The areas where kitchen tiles are installed in the are the floors, walls and the backsplash. Each of these areas requires a different style of tiles. Such as the floor needs a sturdy as well as easy to clean substance as it witnesses a heavy footfall throughout the day. The walls need a stylish but at the same time should be easy to clean and resistant to dust. Similarly, the backsplash tiles, need to be attractive as well as efficient enough to resist stains, including the ones difficult to clean. The kitchen tiles used specifically for the backsplash are usually made up of glass, porcelain, metal and so on. The floor kitchen tiles can be anything from vitrified to ceramic or natural stone, depending on the budget. The same kind of tiles can be used for kitchen walls, keeping in mind the area’s exposure to stains and dust.

While choosing for the bathroom tiles, we need to think and plan in a different way as the functionality of bathroom is way different from that of a kitchen in terms of footfall, staining, and usage. A bathroom is exposed to heavy water flow, stains and dirt. So the bathroom tiles we choose needs to cover up all of the above points. The areas where bathroom tiles are used are the floors and the walls. So as we all know the bathroom floor would be wet most of the time so the tiles used here has to be anti-slip or anti-skid which can be achieved with the usage of ceramic, natural stone and porcelain tiles. Whereas for the walls we can use glass, ceramic, porcelain, metal and so on. Managing the grip on the bathroom floors is a vital part that needs to be achieved in order to avoid any kind of accidents.

Choosing tiles for bathroom and kitchen isn’t as easy as going to a showroom and picking up the design you like. It requires a lot of attention to detail while choosing them. Apart from that running around and choosing tiles offline, going to dealer stores for finding the right choice takes up a lot of time and cash. In that place, we can always buy tiles online, wherein we get to know it in details with every minute detail is described which we do not get at a dealer store. Buying tiles online as well gives us the opportunity to explore endless designs to choose the perfect design and product together as per our ease. One such online platform is Tilebathkitchen, they offer you the best in class products from the leading global manufacturers with a collection of over 10000 designs. Buying tiles are convenient so is the delivery. Your products get delivered to your doorsteps on time safe and secure. From choosing the product to getting it delivered to your doorsteps, nothing needs stress and time. All of it is hassle-free.