The Konark Sun temple in Odisha is one of the most unique and interesting temples in India. It is known for its rich architecture and is situated in the northeastern counter of Puri. It is also the only UNESCO World Heritage site in Odisha because of its unique and ancient style of architecture.

It has a 12 stone carved wheels which represents 12 months of the year. The wheels which were found on the base of the temple are also believed to show time. Each structure built in the Konark Sun temple represents the passage of time. Each one of the wheels has 8 spokes which represent a period of 3 hours, known as prayer. The temple is shaped in the form of a huge chariot which is drawn by 7 horses.

There is an illustration at the entrance where you see two lions crushing an elephant each on either side. And, in the beneath is a human being which represents the major problems faced by a man in his life- money and power. Here lion represents the power and elephant portrays wealth.  This temple was also known by Black Pagoda because of its colour by the European sailors. It was also a major landmark for the sailors. It also has sculptures that depict the major pursuits of life.


Situated in Odisha, north eastern of Puri
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Has the shape of a chariot drawn by 7 horses
Contains sculptures depicting pursuits of life
Unique 12 stone carved wheels denotes 12 months of the year
Represents passage of time - Each wheel has 8 spokes represents 3 hours
Also known as black pagoda by European sailors