Lamination is any hard brittle sheet used to decorate or overlay wooden furniture. The choice of laminate can give an elegant look, an eclectic look, or even a complete wood-like look - it depends on how you use it. Since there are innumerable types of laminations available in the market, we’ve sorted some of the most preferred laminates along with their price points.

  • Matte-finish Laminates

This type of lamination is mainly used in kitchens and wardrobes. Having moderate reflective surfaces, they are resistant to dust and kitchen scratches. Being easy to maintain and having a very long life, these laminates are also quite economical. The cost of matte finish laminate for a 1mm thick sheet starts from INR 1200. 

  • Textured Lamination

These laminates are the most special type, as they can be used to replicate the look of natural surfaces like raw silk, Nappa leather, suede, stone finish, etc. These laminates can be used in living rooms to form partitions, or even on the flooring to highlight certain areas. These are ‘exclusive’ pieces and an overdose of these can kill their charm. Use these in combination with other laminates as a highlighting element. The cost of a 1mm thick sheet of textured laminate is INR 1800 onwards, but it may vary as per the design and detailing. 

  • Mirror Finish Laminate

These laminates are high-gloss, stimulating mirrors like sheen and reflection. They are used to create reflective looks. Their main drawback is that they are not smudge-free and show fingerprints easily. The cost starts at Rs 2000/- per 1mm thick sheet.

  • Metallic Laminate

These laminates are available in limited colors only - silver, copper, and gold. Mainly used to provide a sophisticated look to your house. They are often used as highlighters or as a mix with other laminates. They lend a royal and glamorous look to the surfaces on which they are used. The cost of a 1mm sheet of metallic laminate starts at INR 3000

  • PVC Finish Laminates.

These moisture-resistant laminates are mainly used in bathroom cabinets, as these areas are prone to wetness. They are waterproof and highly durable. They have plastic, therefore they are easy to maintain. A 1 mm thick sheet of this laminate costs INR 1500.

  • Acrylic Finish Laminate.

These are high gloss, reflective laminates that are one of the most popular choices amongst the elite today. They come in a plethora of colors and their super smooth surface makes them easy to clean. These sheets can’t fade as they reflect UV lights and are moisture resistant. The only drawback of acrylic finish laminates is that they become scratchy over the years since they are not completely scratch proof. Their cost starts at INR 3,500 per 1mm thick sheet.

Laminates come in many different colors, sizes, and prices. You need to make an informed decision related to where to use which type of laminate to ensure durability, quality, and choose according to your budget. When you remodel your modular kitchen, ask your designer to show you the looks of various laminates in 3D rendering before making a choice. It can help you understand the color scheme and the overall look and feel of your modular kitchen design to a great extent. 

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