One of the most important aspects of house remodelling or renovations is the choice of tiles, which has become quite an important home decor item in recent years. Now, people want every nook and corner of their house to portray grandiose, right from the ceiling to the bathroom tiles where you’ll merely be spending a few minutes. This is why, there are several websites out there that are dedicated to displaying and selling tiles, which have become some of the most in-demand construction materials online.


Now, let’s not bore you with what tiles are, I’m sure you see them every day. Rather, let’s talk about mosaic tiles, as they’re one of the most beautiful kinds of art you can get for your house, whether you’re remodelling, renovating, or just shopping for something new. The best architects today recommend beautiful tiles for your washrooms, or even kitchens, to create a powerful fashion statement. For this, mosaic tiles have become quite the popular choice as they look absolutely beautiful. In simple words, mosaic tiles are a combination of numerous materials like porcelain, ceramic, glass, stone, etc., set in a particular format on a mesh sheet that can be easily installed. Thanks to this, mosaic tiles come in hundreds of variants for you to choose from, hence, no more boring tiles. 


Best Uses - While you can use mosaic tiles in many ways, it is mainly used for bath, floor, showers, kitchens, and backsplash. 


  • If you’re designing a shower, mosaics can be implemented in several ways to produce that WOW factor. Linear glass mosaic (vertically), horizontal mosaics, or mosaics in the back of a niche could really create the pop. 
  • For a backsplash, a ceramic or stone subway style tile can be great if you want to design it in all entirety. The same can be applied for a floor where you want to walk on beauty. 
  • For kitchens, large or small mosaic tiles are the best way to go, to add character and punch. 
  • For baths, usually people put mosaic tiles in the backsplash as an accent, which is a perfect option if you want a beautiful bath. You can choose from many styles of mosaics for the bath too. 

Styles - There is a wide variety of mosaics to choose from. Here are some of the best ones that you can check out: -


  • Ceramic mosaic tiles
  • Semi-precious mosaics
  • Stone mosaic scenery 
  • Mother of pearls mosaic tiles
  • Designer mosaics 
  • Semi-precious Amethyst mosaics
  • Wall cladding mosaics
  • Simple wall mosaic tiles 
  • Rainforest color mosaics 
  • Solid stone mosaics