Redesign your kitchen countertops with a brand new look

Whether your kitchen countertop has sustained years of scratches and burns, or you are just simply seeking a new surface and look, kitchen countertop redesigning is a popular and budget-friendly option for enhancing the overall look of your kitchen.

Perhaps the foremost fascinating part regarding redesigning kitchen countertops is that the ability to use variety of textures and materials to attain your required surface. Efficient choices like self-sticking laminate, ceramic tiles, paint and concrete can best to resurface a kitchen countertop at a fraction of the price needed to totally replace the surface.

For example, a kitchen countertop that is at the tip of its helpful life will be resurfaced by 1st sanding down the surface thus associate degree adherent, like white cement or putty, can simply build the surface. Once the countertop has been roughed up a touch, coat white cement or putty grout over the whole surface, then use an oversized board to level the surface and keep the sides sleek. Allow it to dry, then sand the surface with an electrical drum sander to allow the surface associate degree industrial, concrete-like look.

Ceramic tiles may be wont to produce a mosaic or game board pattern, and flat rubber-base paint is on the market during a type of colours to supply an inexpensive kitchen countertop makeover.

Some of designs that you can choose from are as follows:

Paint it out:

You can remodel your kitchen countertop with adding a new shade of colour, which would simply change the look of your kitchen countertop of what it initially had. With the help of paints, you can binge out the natural stone look, with just few simple steps and without hampering much of your budget.

Graze the countertops with concrete coating:

You can redesign the entire look and feel of your kitchen countertop without even removing the old countertops or replace them with heavy slabs of concrete. You can adorn the same look with just applying a graze coating of concrete on the existing countertop. In this process, a thin layer of concrete mixture is applied on the existing counter and left to dry. As it dries, it gives a real concrete look.

Refashion it with kitchen tiles:

Tiles are the most preferred option for building as well as renovating the kitchen and the countertops. Tiles are very trendy and useful, they are available in various shapes, sizes and designs. Tiles are preferred for its various positive qualities. Specifically for a kitchen countertop, tiles are the best material, because kitchen countertops are prone to stains and scratches and tiles are resistant to water, dust, stains and scratches, making it an economic and durable option.

Reconstruct it to a new look:

Granite, Corian, concrete and stainless-steel are all great choices for a kitchen that may see a great deal of traffic and food preparation. All of those surfaces are sturdy and made up of materials that are immune to scratches and most staining. Granite and Corian countertops square measure obtainable in a very wide selection of colours and textures. Stainless-steel is out there in a very range of finishes and textures, together with a brushed end or reverse beat surface, that seems to be adorned with raised dots. On the other hand, concrete permits for the incorporation of varied colours, textures and even brindled imprints, like floral styles. Concrete countertops also can be embedded with stones, seashells and alternative things that interest you.

There are various other ways to redo your kitchen countertops, in case you plan it to be something extravagant and exotic. The above mentioned ideas are efficient enough to give your kitchen countertop, a brand new look and without hampering your budget. So in case you’re constraint on your budget, these ways can serve your purpose appropriately. Else if you need professional services or advice, you easily avail the same on