Marble is known as a symbol of luxury, oozing grace, and elegance. Since it is expensive and needs good maintenance, one often thinks twice before investing in marble. The royals of ancient India always had marble halls and today also if you visit their palaces you will see how the beauty of the marble is timeless. However, in today's fast-paced lifestyle, would it be intelligent to use marble for your tabletop?

Your dining table is a very important place in the house. It is the place where conversations happen, bonding happens and the family gets together. Aesthetically also a dining table can become the main attraction as a centerpiece in a room. 

This furniture is a one-time investment that reflects the homeowners’ taste and personality which is why only the best should be bought.

Marble Dining Table

Marble dining tables speak of opulence with a kind of sophistication and simplicity.  Marble tables are available in innumerable designs and varieties. There are tables that have been carved entirely out of marble and look ethereal with their earthy lustrous form. Then we have those tables that are made in combination with other materials such as glass, wrought iron, wood, steel, brass, and even silver.

Since Marble tables are quite expensive you cannot change them often. Therefore I am listing down some of its advantages as well as disadvantages, so that you can make an informed decision.

Advantages of a Marble Table Top

The aesthetic appeal of marble is unmatched. Used for centuries, this piece of furniture is timeless and is a common choice amongst both the elite designers and the flamboyant ones. Marble is also durable if taken care of properly. You will never face any issue with your house’s and tabletops' compatibility, as they come in wide varieties and colors. They are environment-friendly as they are free from chemicals and emissions.  You can channel the beauty of nature in your home with this ethereal-looking stone.

Disadvantages of using Marble Dining Tables.

Marble table-tops are not considered to be cost-effective as they are the king of natural stones. Marble table-tops are difficult to maintain as they are soft and easily scratchable. They are vulnerable to scraping, chipping, and scratching. To prevent those they are mostly sealed and then polished to get the gleaming appearance back. So, if you have a house with small kids think twice before purchasing them!

Also, marble consists of carbonate materials therefore is highly reactive. Marble products react aggressively to any spill relating to turmeric, coffee, orange juice, or any edible substance. These substances should be cleaned/wiped with a clean soft cloth to avoid staining of the table and once a week the table should be cleaned with marble specific cleaner. Be sure to purchase a set of good quality coasters for your marble dining table as these will serve as a barrier of protection for it.  All this maintenance is time-consuming which makes marble not suitable for those who have a busy lifestyle.

Therefore, if you are going to purchase them make sure you purchase a marble specific cleaner, otherwise other chemicals will make them dull.

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