Spruce up your kitchen with exclusive kitchen tiles

Bring your kitchen walls to life with the artistry of kitchen tiles

The most effusive place in an Indian home is the kitchen. We tend to design our kitchen to the best of the looks. Kitchen is one of the most close to heart areas of our home, because we spend most of our time cooking, sharing meals and the only place where the family gets together in a day apart from the living room. So we make sure that we design our kitchen to the best in terms of ambience, style and functionality.

For a perfect looking kitchen, there are many factors associated to it, one of them being the look of the kitchen walls and the backsplash of the kitchen. In order to make our kitchen walls look the best in class, the most effective designing option is kitchen tiles. Kitchen tiles vary in designs, categorically the digital printed tiles and splash tiles. These tiles not only just give an uplift to the kitchen look but also are found to be a wise decision in terms of cost effectiveness.

Apart from the look of your kitchen, kitchen tiles have a lot of benefits involved as well:

  • Easy to clean: Kitchen area is most exposed to dirt and stains, tiles are very easy to clean as they are resistant to dust, stain, scratch and water, whereas paints are not resistant to stains, dust, water or scratches. Paints are easily vulnerable to stains and lose their charm very easily.

  • Durable: Tiles are made durable as they are made by heating at high temperature and moulded into a strong material. Later polished to acquire glaze. These factors make it strong and durable along with reducing their porosity that makes them resistant to stain and dust.

  • Cost efficient: Tiles are cost effective as they are sturdy and do not lose their charm easily as compared to paints. A premium paint coating might make you spend more than installing tiles on your walls. Tiles prices start from Rs 25 per sqft and vary as per the quality and type of tile.

  • Low maintenance: Tiles being durable as well as resistant to water, stains and dust, makes them low in maintenance as they do not need much attention behind on them. Normal daily cleaning is enough for their maintenance. The high quality prints on the tiles do not lose its charm so replacing or recoating is not involved. Apart from that, unlike paint coating you are not required to recoat when damage is done, tiles are individual portion so the damaged tiles can be replaced on individual basis.

  • Endless versatile designs: You get a wide range of choices in designs and colours for your kitchen whereas you might not get the same for paints. Paints might provide you with various hues but for designs you might choose wallpapers which get worn out after a specific time period.

Kitchen tiles are both useful for walls as well as floors, as the durability and versatility of tiles are well efficient for the look and feel of the kitchen. Kitchen backsplash are prone to stains of oil and floors are prone to water and stains, kitchen tiles both for wall and floor make it easy and affordable when it comes to functionality and maintaining the grace of the kitchen. Tilebathkitchen is an ecommerce platform that provides you with wide best in class range of kitchen tiles from global manufacturers at reasonable prices. From contemporary to classy and abstract to splash, you can explore and choose from the entire range