Bathroom sink. Not the most exciting of things, is it? When you hear the words “bathroom sink”, grandeur, luxury, gorgeous decor, aren’t the things that come to mind. However, can you imagine having a luxurious bathroom with all the fancy attachments, mesmerizing vanities, and a boring, plain white-colored sink? I’m sure not. 

Bathroom sinks have evolved from the quintessential generic and boring white sinks of yore, to the modern, stylish basins that create an overall style quotient of your bathroom. Some of the best architects today, recommend colorful, flavorful, designer sinks, especially when you are remodelling your bathrooms. Swap in that old, pedestal sink for a classy, stainless steel freestanding sink that will leave your guests in awe. 


For Smaller Bathrooms - If you have a smaller bathroom with limited floor space, it’s best to opt for a freestanding sink that not only provides style, but also takes up less room. If you want a wall-mounted sink, they’re a great choice too and come in many varieties, such as glass, tile, wooden units, or even in stainless steel. A pedestal sink may be an option as well, but they do take up quite the space. 


For Larger Bathrooms - If you have a master bath or a larger bathroom, it is probably the most luxurious bathroom in the house. So, it does require the most luxurious treatment too, right? You can opt for vanity-mounted sinks, which are useful (thanks to their storage) and pleasingly aesthetic too. An undermount unit sink is great too, for a sleek look and you’ll also be able to explore with various countertop options. 

The Materials - Very often, porcelain is the general choice. However, there are many other options you can choose from, if your exploration veins are tingling. You can opt for copper, bronze, colored glass, stainless steel, bright tiles, etc