Some of the best architects today recommend having a luxurious bathrooms in your house because this also stands as a powerful statement, when it comes to home decor. In this day and age where luxury and grandiose rule home decor, it is also important to add any extras to your house and amp up the fashion quotient. This is why, many big housing projects of today have guest bathrooms, and occasionally, they turn out to be even better than your own bathrooms!

These are the following ideas you can implement to add beautiful touches for your guest bathroom: -

Brightening up the space - Many bathrooms are made with a dark theme in mind but they fail to work as this ultimately becomes quite depressing. Whereas, bathrooms are meant to be the opposite. Hence, open up the blinds, let the natural light in, change the overall theme to white and bright colors if you can, and make sure that lighting is in plenty.

Fresh flowers and plants - Continuing the theme of relaxation, it’s important that your guests feel comfortable and at home while using your bathroom. Hence, adding some flowers, scented candles, fresheners, warm towels, and greenery, can be great touches for your guest bathroom.

The magic of robes and slippers - i’m sure you already know how much everyone loves the comfy robes and slippers that every luxurious hotel provides in their washrooms. So, if you have the budget, provide some luxurious robes and slippers for your guests and they might just be eternally grateful to you!

Get the necessities right - Who would like to enter a bathroom and not get their hands on soap, right? Hence, it is also key to get the bathroom necessities right for guests who visit the guest bathroom. From cotton balls, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, brushes, clippers, to towels and doormats, make sure your bathroom is well-stocked.