Making your windows big and larger for your home is a way to get your home clean, energy efficient and make your home full of positive vibes. We can do a number of things to improve the energy efficiency of our home's windows

Apply Window Caulks

Heat and cold can pass through the gaps between the window glass, sash and frame. Applying window caulk is an inexpensive option for this case. When there are drafts around the window area you will want to seal them by applying caulks.

Installing New Awnings

Awnings can reduce the amount of solar heat gained in your room by 65℅. It is especially in southern facing windows whereas, in a southern facing window it can reduce up to 77 per cent. Awnings can also reduce the heat gained by the exterior walls when it is applied on the exterior walls of your home.

Blocking Drafts and Sunlight

Window blinds to block sunlight is a very effective and good choice when it comes to the heat coming from the sun. Blinds are not much effective in winter days. Insulated draperies can also improve windows energy efficiency.  

Putting up Storm Panels

Storm panels are mostly manufactured from plastic or polythene. Storm Panels are very important when it comes to stabilizing the temperature for your home. Although, not all pa else provide the best visibility so you need to make sure about the quality before making the purchase.

Using exterior shutters and curtains can also make your windows much energy efficient, especially during the summer. These tips will surely help you improve your home's window area.