Cleaning the tiles on your floor should be an everyday thing. Or else, your floor will lose its natural shine and it tends to make your room look old and dirty.

Cleaning your tiles is what you plan to do after you are done with cleaning you too. This is mainly because it's an easy job and it does not even take much time to be completed. Here are some of the ways you can clean tiles in an effective and easy manner-

Cleaning With Vacuum and Brooms

Nothing is a better option for cleaning than broom as it has this unique ability to clean all the very corners of the room. Take out and use your vacuum cleaner when you are cleaning your main floor area. Using it and running it over the whole area makes your room much cleaner and you will be astonished to see the result. This combination of removing the dust is the best and deadliest one of them.

Preparing Your Cleaning Solution

The solution required for cleaning should be prepared quite cleverly as you should select the correct ones on the basis of the type of tiles. Like for ceramic tiles, a manufacturer recommended mild detergent works the best whereas for cleaning natural stone, use a soap based detergent. You may also use vinegar mixtures to clean your tiles or other such products that make your tile clean and shiny.

Mop the Floors

Now comes the part of mopping the floors of your room. Dip your chamois in the solution and start mopping on the floor. Start from one corner of the floor and work backward. Once the floor looks clean, rinse with warm water or can just leave them to air dry.

Bring Rugs and Mats

Rugs and mats are the keys to a clean and tidy room. They can absorb the dust pieces this making your room look clean. Moreover, keeping mats at the front door pulls the most of the dirt and debris which helps additionally in keeping your room clean.

Once you start cleaning and using different solutions for your floors you will come to know about which one is the best for your room. So, go ahead and keep your room clean.