While cooking food, it might be quite surprising for you to know that the air inside the room can be toxic and dangerous, in terms of health for those who cook the food. It may even result in respiratory problems as well. The heating and combustion from gas burners produce harmful gases such as nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. That's why it is of vital importance that you maintain the overall hygiene of the space and keep it smoke-free.

Open Windows While Cooking

While cooking the food, opening windows is a great way of letting the foul smell and toxic air go from the kitchen. This is a great way of making sure that there is adequate ventilation and the kitchen is filled with fresh air.

Installing an exhaust fan

An exhaust fan has the ability to extract out the smoke and stale air from the kitchen. This makes sure that the air inside of the kitchen does not get toxic and affect the ones working on the kitchen. However, one drawback to the usage of exhaust fan is that it can not capture the grease particles which are produced while cooking.

A Kitchen Chimney

A kitchen is incomplete without a kitchen chimney. It helps to eliminate smoke, steam and harmful gases as well as, heat and airborne droplets of grease which are the byproducts of cooking. It is advisable to go for suitable chimneys that extract the indoor air from the kitchen and throw it into the outdoors. Note that ductless chimneys only recirculate the indoor air and offer little protection against indoor pollutants.

There are also certain homemade remedies that will eliminate the foul smell which is often produced from cooking. Keeping onion slices in a bowl or slices of lemon can easily absorb the smell making your kitchen look as good as possible.