Countertop Washbasins are one of the latest and most innovative trends in interior designing today. Often seen in hotels, this style is now being frequently adopted to homes. People really are liking this type of design and the results are quite fabulous.  One of the reasons why is it so much compelling and attractive to people is because of its unique look which makes it look quite interesting too.

Here are some benefits of countertop washbasins:

Practical in Nature

The design if the countertop basins are actually very much practical in nature. With the kind of design, it makes it very much spacious as compared to other countertop basins and also helps to prevent water wastage, by saving the water splashed onto its sides. They are mostly fitted with taps that allow you to adjust the flow and temperature of the water as per your preference.


With the kind of design it has, it makes the whole thing perfect for retro bathroom styles, all thanks to their old fashioned looks. Countertop washbasins can fit any kind of bathrooms. These countertop washbasins can fit well with any kind of contemporary bathrooms.

Availability in Various Materials

Another great thing about countertop washbasins is that it can be built in any material. The only requirement is that the material should be ductile enough to give them the sharp-edged look.

Easy Installation

The countertop wash basins are very easy to install as they don’t require more than a countertop or vanity with a hole in it for the drain.

These pros about counter top wash basin make them quite the right choice for your home washbasin requirements.