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The heart of the house, the kitchen, should be attractive to the tastes of many. Once it involves learning the way to paint your home's heart, selecting the proper room colors is everything. Use some spicy,warm room colors, that relate to food and provide mouth-watering surroundings or cooler, serene room paint colors to make a peaceful and contemporary atmosphere. Lead your kitchen backsplash with an entirely different look and let your kitchen not look dull and boring. Kitchen tiles are available in various sizes. The range of kitchen tiles is available in glossy as well as matt finish, that lets you stay in style without compromising on the quality. Kitchen tiles are created with ground-breaking technology which makes it possible to bring out several stunning designs to life.



What are the materials used in kitchen tiles?

Ceramic kitchen tiles

Ceramic tiles are made up of clay materials that are quarried, prepared and then mould. They come either in glazed or unglazed form. Ceramic tiles are durable in terms of strength. They are widely used on the kitchen walls and kitchen countertop due to their water resistant quality.

Digital printed tiles

Also known as ‘custom tile printing’ wherein printing techniques and digital manipulation of art and photography are used. Dye sublimation printers, inkjet printers and ceramic inks and toners are used for a high quality design printing.

Wood-like kitchen tiles

It is produced by mixture of porcelain and ceramic, in order to give it a wood like look. It is much more durable than the natural wood. Natural wood is high on maintenance and has several effects in changing climatic conditions. So a look like would serve the purpose as well.

Slate kitchen tiles

Made up of metamorphic rocks, which comes in various colours. They are best for a textured and matte finish look on the wall. They can be used and are available for both kitchen walls, floor and countertops.

Quartzite kitchen tiles

Best known for its creativity and versatility, they are made up of metamorphic rocks. It is always a good choice when planning some creativity placed on the wall. This tiles type are good for your kitchen floor

Travertine kitchen tiles

Travertine is a type of limestone that is a byproduct of natural artesian springs, hot springs, and caves from around the world. It is a natural, porous stone, and rough texture are caused by air bubbles and organic matter, which as a result gives travertine tiles such varying colours. These can be majorly seen on the walls of ancient monuments in Rome. Good for your kitchen walls but excluding the backsplash part.

Marble kitchen tiles

It is highly durable and comes in almost any colour and texture due to variability in minerals. They are best and commonly used for kitchen floors and countertops.

Porcelain kitchen tiles

Porcelain tiles are made up of natural clay. Due to its high density it can be used for walls, floor as well as countertops. Budget friendly and simple.

How are kitchen tiles beneficial?

Using kitchen tiles have numerous benefits such as:

Easy to clean

Tiles such as ceramic wall tiles, digital printed wall tiles, porcelain wall tiles, etc are easy to clean. At the same time glazed ceramic tiles are best as stain free tiles which along with a beautiful design are best as bathroom wall tiles where the chances of wall getting damaged due to water is high


Floor tiles are majorly more durable and are high on strength than any natural wood wall covering or painted wall, as these materials tend to lose its charm very fast..

Low on maintenance

Alike painted wall or natural wood wall covering, you don’t have to keep a check and spend on maintaining the wall covering with wall tiles. Wall tiles once applied, stay at their best for not less than a decade whereas painted walls need a coating every 3 years. Apart from that they are completely easy to clean.

Quality designs

When we think of wall tiles, we get a load of designs to choose from. Hence when we want the walls to compliment the room design, tiles serve the best to match up and give a good contrast with the design of the room.

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